Want to save money? Do not try these methods

People will do just about anything in order to save money. Whether it is stuffing in those extra condiments or asking for a ride. It is exciting and it is even better than a raise because the saved twenty quid are entirely yours to keep, whereas you will lose five or more out of the earned twenty.

It is alright and even good to look to save money on stuff. There is nothing wrong in shopping around and looking for cheaper deals. However, some of the ways that you find in magazines or websites are simply outrageous.

Apart from raising some ethical concerns, they are nothing more than time pass entertainment. I would recommend you to read them for the sake of entertainment but would never suggest them to anyone as a means to save money.

Here are a few that simply top the charts.

Here is a mother’s confession. She used to tell her children to take as many free condiments, all the ketchup, mustard, salt and others that they could possibly take whenever they “paid” a visit to any fast food place. Moreover, she also made her kids empty these packets into her regular ketchup and mustard jars. The proud mother says that she hasn’t had to purchase any of these condiments.

There is one more creative suggestion from one penny pincher. He saved money on his car washes this way. No, not by washing it himself (because technically the soap and water would still cost him!) but by doing it using that gas station squeegee; the things people can do!

Well, if that was out of the earth then read this one. A man suggests that if you want an umbrella for free then simply visit the lost and found section of any big public library. Inform them that you have lost your black umbrella.  Almost certainly, they will have several. You can choose the one you like and claim it for yourself. Now, what if they do not have black ones? Well, we might have to wait until this guy suggests a chart colour frequency.

This is an amusing suggestion here about saving on long distance calls. Simply, call when you are sure that they will not be at home. You can simply leave them a message and then they will pay when they call back. However, nothing is said about the chance that you call and they happen to answer. Well, I think then you simply hang up and call back later.

None of these suggestions should be used by anyone. They are nothing more than a mere waste of time. you can read them and use a few laughs but I don’t think they are of no more use than that.

Instead of spending your time and energy after these “techniques,” you would save far if you simply work an extra hour.

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True wealth

Have you ever asked yourself what actually is wealth? Will you be happy if you have thousands of dollars? May be a million? Maybe more than that?

People work their entire lives running after a dream of achieving something, earning more, building more wealth, accumulating as much money as they possibly can. Nevertheless, not one of them would ever say to you that they wish they had spent more of their time working. Some people have a single answer to this question about the meaning of true wealth and that would obviously be simple; money, the more the better.

On the other hand, other people would say to you that true wealth to them is being able to be at peace knowing that they are debt free. Still another might say that if he or she is able to lead the exact lifestyle that they choose to, not considering the cost of it all, then that is true wealth.

To others, true wealth might be being healthy, loved by family and friends. In fact, if you take a survey then you will find that there are several answers to this questions, as varied as the people you ask.

You can live in a villa overlooking the sea, have two BMWs parked in your garage and have millions in your bank account. Yet, you might not be able to enjoy life as someone who might be working in McDonalds and living in a one bedroom furnished apartment.

You can consider true wealth to be whatever perception the individual holds about it. If this were not the case, then there would not be any firefighters, soldiers or police officers. Everyone would be working on the Wall Street trying to earn big money. Then, we would certainly not have any doctors who would travel to war-struck or poor countries simply to make a difference. They could easily stay close to home and make a comfortable living with a successful practice.

Where would we find any volunteers for any job if nobody would be ready to work without money? Who would help the infirm, destitute or sick? Who would come running to help should a disaster strike?

We would not even have the money to run any charities if we would not have millions of people donating billions to them. Thus, if you thought that money was the only true wealth then you need to relax and change your perspective on this one because there is certainly a lot more to true wealth besides money.

Therefore, if you think that you are poor because you are in debt then think again. I would consider that being in debt only means that you have transferred your money to some creditors.
It really has little to do with your true wealth.

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Simplicity is the first rule of budgeting

People are inherently rebellious, it is in our nature and we cannot deny it. However, all of us know that rules are in place for a reason and rules give us safety and bring order in our lives. While we might not like them, they are there to help us and make our lives easier.

The same is true for developing a budget. In order to have financial success, you need order in the form of a budget. Now, the first and the most basic rule of budgeting is to keep it simple. If you do not like rules then do not worry because there are no specific “rules” for budgeting. People tend to create a big hype around budgeting and that you need to stick to specific rules if you want to succeed.  Nevertheless, the thing is that there is only one rule that you need to remember when formulating your budget and that is to keep it all simple.

You need not be an accountant or even have any degree whatsoever in any accountancy subjects. All you need is a paper, a pen and a calculator.

Do not complicate things when they are much better left simple. There is no need to use fancy graphs or linked spreadsheets or any complicated tables. No, you will not need any hi-tech software to create your budget. You will not even have to take any extra degree or classes to do it.

As I said earlier, if you have a blank sheet of paper or a spreadsheet then you have all you need. Enlist all the expenses that you make every month. Yes, this is what it is. It is preparing a list and nothing more than that. Now you tell me if this is difficult.

If you are one of those people who cannot seem to remember what you spent your money on then you can do this. Carry a paper and pencil everywhere you go. Note every expense you make. By the time the week ends, you are sure to know your expenses. Keeping in mind the notes that you took during the week, prepare your monthly budget. You can make things even simpler by doing budgets for each pay check. Alternatively, you can assign a column to every pay check.

When you are done, plan your expenses surrounding your pay check. Simply decide what you want to spend money on, this week or when you get your pay check this time. If you can keep a track of where you are spending, you will be able to plan how you want to spend it.

The planning will keep you from making any unnecessary or impulsive purchases that you will regret later on. Stick to your budget and you will do well.

Simplicity is of prime importance when you plan your budget. Without it, you will be lost in complicated terms and columns and you will end up in a mess. Therefore, plan a budget and make it simple.

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Information on reverse mortgage for seniors

People have started understanding reverse mortgage and its popularity is growing in America. If you do not know about reverse mortgage then it is a speciality mortgage. It helps the homeowner to use his or her home equity to get cash. It helps the older generation to become financially sound and gives them security so that they can be prepared for any emergency medical expenses besides several other costs.

The reverse mortgage is by HUD and in order to be eligible you have to be over 62 years of age and you should have paid off your mortgage or should have only a small amount remaining to pay back.

Homeowners can receive payment as they prefer. They can go for a lump sum payment or they can opt for a monthly payment for a specified period or for as long as they stay in that house. You can change this mortgage depending upon your circumstances.

This mortgage does not require for the seniors to make any repayments. The lenders will recover their principal amount as well as their interest when they sell the house. If there is any extra amount remaining then they will pay it to the homeowner or their survivor.

If the amount that they lender get after selling the house falls short of paying the borrowed amount, then the difference is paid by the HUD. The Federal Housing Administrations collects insurance premium from their borrowers so that they can provide for this coverage.

Now the amount that you can get as reverse mortgage will usually depend upon your age, rate of interest as well as the value of your property. This mortgage type will lend you more if you are older. Besides that, you will not need to produce any proof of income or present any sort of asset. Apart from that, you do not need to have a house of a certain value to be eligible for this type of mortgage.

You should be prepared to give about two per cent of your property’s value as an up-front fee. Apart from that, you will also have to pay one and half per cent of your balance amount of loan annually. However, the lender generally pays this amount and this is included in the total amount that you borrow as a homeowner.

This is an excellent option for seniors. They have worked their entire lives to be able to own their homes and therefore, the home is the one thing they have that will provide for their financial security when they need it the most.

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On toward better spending habits

Who doesn’t want money? Everybody could use some extra cash, especially so if you are retiring. However, not many people are able to get it. Most people, fail to save up enough for their retirement owing to bad spending habits.

You cannot build your retirement fund in a day or two. It will require time but you can speed up the process a little bit by bettering your spending habits. Nevertheless, it is possible to change your lifestyle so that you can develop better spending habits.

First, avoid spending a lot of time simply sitting in front of your television. Not only is it bad for your circulation, it steals away the time that you could have otherwise spent with your family. If you happen to like reading, then you should frequent your local public library as often as you can. You do not need to purchase any books from any store. If you be patient then you will see that your library has acquired the book that you wanted to read so much.

People tend to spend a lot after their addictions. Hence, if you happen to smoke then you can begin to reduce the amount of cigarettes that you smoke every day. You might not be able to give up smoking suddenly. However, with time, you might be able to even that. Thus, you will save not only that extra money you spent every month on cigarettes, but you will also save your health and hence the medical bills.

If you work somewhere not too far from your home then you can ride a bike to work or even walk to work if that is possible. It will help you boost your overall health while also doing good to their environment as well as your pocket.

Avoid eating out too frequently. Eat at home. You can try out different recipes while saving money simultaneously. Moreover, you will get to spend quality time with your family and you will also learn to improve your cooking.

Several people drop in a coffee joint on their way to work and spend a few bucks on coffee every day. Now, if you sum it up for a month, it can be quite a lot. Therefore, it is better to take your coffee from home. You can use a thermos to keep it hot.

Avoid using your car as far as possible. Take a walk instead of your car. Saving on parking fees and gas can be quite a big save.

These are just a few of the changes that you can make to your lifestyle to see more money saved as well as more health improved.

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Lowering your telephone bills

Well, let me think. Yes, here is an interesting way to reduce your telephone bills. Simply call someone when you know they will not be there. This way you can leave a message and they will have to pay when they return your call. So, what if your timing is bad?

Alright, let us all get serious here. I am not here to tell you about some hopeless technique. These are simply some practical ways in which you can actually reduce your phone bills. Read on and find out.

Set your priorities straight. It is better to work towards reducing your telecom bill by 20% instead of working to halve your spending on vending machines. Understand the things that you can and cannot do. It is better to hire someone to help you reduce costs instead of trying to do it yourself when you do not have the time to know what the costs are in the first place.

Learn to do the calculations first. If you are switching to a new company simply because of some great offer then check if the costs do not rise up drastically after the initial “grace” period. You can save a lot on your phone bills by limiting the calls you make to mobile phones. The prices are high and they make up for about half of your monthly phone bill. Therefore, make sensible use of your phone.

Consider the minimum charges of each call and the strategy of rounding up. You can end up paying quite a lot.  Capped calls are another area where you can expect to pay more. Business calls usually last no more than two minutes. If you have a capped call tariff then such calls will cost you a lot more.

You can reduce your line rental as much as between 10% to 25%. The calls to 0870 numbers are always expensive and it is possible to reduce this expense even though at times these calls are inevitable. You can request the respective company if they have any local number that you can use if you want to call from outside the country or from abroad.

You can also note down the number when they happen to call you. Caller displays usually will help you see their original number. If you do not get it then you can find them on BT’s directory enquiries online or you can get it from their website. Alternatively, you can look on 192.com. You might just find them there.

Another website is saynoto0870.com. This is an amazing website where you can find the listings of the phone numbers of several companies.

Thus, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce your phone bills.

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How to select the right mortgage lender?

Enter mortgage into any search engine and you will find scores of sites offering you mortgage. On the other hand, enter any bank or financial institution and say that you want a mortgage then you will most likely be hurried into some private office for a meeting with the mortgage advisor or be showered with several leaflets.

However, the point is not finding somebody who will give you a mortgage but it is about finding the right one. Mortgages mean big business. Hence, every financial institution has several different loans for buying any property on offer.  Therefore, you need to shop around before deciding, check out a number of lenders and then make your decision. Comparing can save you quite some money.

The best place to start with is your bank. If you have been with the same bank for quite a while besides having a good record financially then they will be much more confident to loan you more amount of money as mortgage.

The competition amidst lenders is quite fierce these days with the interest rates dropping. Therefore, it is possible that you might find a better deal somewhere else also. Hence, you do not have to feel compelled to use your bank to get your mortgage.

You can make things easier for yourself by using several websites online that help you out with several comparative tables of mortgage offers. Simply type ‘mortgage’ in the search box and you will see several results. One such site is moneysupermarket.com/mortgages. It is good for comparing.

Then there are several comparison sites online. You can use any of them to your benefit. Another good place to look is the finance section of your newspaper. They carry many advertisements besides any news on the recent offers. However, do not get lured by any adverts that simply promise lower rates while not revealing any other information.

Mortgage is not all about rates. Most often, banks advertise displaying the lowest rate that they offer. However, before you can avail that rate you will have to pass several qualifying criteria. Besides that, you should look out for any hidden charges, or clauses.

Always remember to read the fine print, the terms and conditions before you sign up for any deal. People usually get scammed because they do not pay enough attention. Therefore, be careful when you decide.

Then some of the borrowers can also consider ethical investment. For example, Muslim banks are not allowed to charge or pay interest.

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