Pingit App Infographic

Pingit is a great app which helps people to easily make money transfers. Many people have already used it with 800,000 people having downloaded the app already and on average log in to it 6 times a week. The age of the users varies which averages 27 and the oldest is reported to be 97.

Pingit allows you to make transfers using your money phone, meaning that it is easy to do it anywhere. It is an app which allows you to easily share the cots of things. For example if you are out in the car and want to fill up and split the cost of the petrol, then one person can pay and the other can transfer some money to them to pay for their half. This is also useful when you are going out toe at and need to split the bill.

It is also great for flatmates sharing utility bill costs or for family members sharing the cost of joint gifts. There are many great uses and it can be much more convenient than having to worry about finding cash, which many people do not bother to carry these days.

The app is a Barclays app, but it can be used by people who do not currently have a Barclay’s Account and a Barclays Pingit Wallet an be set up for them, so everyone can use it.

100 days of Pingit


Visit Barclays for more information about Barclays Pingit, or to find out more about Mobile Banking Services.

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