Tips on how online file storage can save your business money

Most companies in this economic climate will do their utmost to save money, but find that they’re unsure about what will work and what won’t. Some company bosses may feel it’s impossible to drive down costs when they’re struggling to sell their products or can’t afford to keep up with rising costs, but it may be as simple as using the right technology or doing things a little differently.

Using tools such as online file storage from Egnyte could help to drastically reduce any business’s outgoings.

You may wonder what online file storage is and what benefits it can bring to your business in relation to saving money. Online file storage works by allowing you to store files in a ‘cloud’ – a secure online location – as opposed to placing them in a folder on your computer or server. It provides spare capacity that might not be available on your computer or server, and the files can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Online file storage can save your business money because it can be used in place of more traditional forms of file storage. If your business has a server, you may be worried about how much it’s costing you in terms of energy as well as the amount you paid for it in the first place. Using online file storage instead can wipe those costs out at a stroke.

As well as not having to pay for a server, using online file storage reduces the need to spend money on extra hardware such as USB sticks and external hard drives, which can be expensive if bought for every employee. In terms of maintenance, you may not have to hire staff to oversee IT, as maintaining a server can be expensive, while cloud storage is easy to use in terms of sharing and amending files too.

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