Understanding Student Loan Consolidation Programs

When your student loans repayments start falling due and you find yourself overpowered by monthly remittances, you shouldn’t stay and pray that the loan will disappear miraculously as that is an impossibility. You should look for practical ways to handle the debt loan before it throws you off balance completely. The easiest way to start taking control of your student loan is to look for a student loan consolidation program that will reduce the rate of interest as well as the monthly remittance, making the load easier and the loan manageable.

There are different loan consolidation options at your disposal such as the Federal Student Loan Consolidation or even Private Student Loan Consolidation programs. Each loan program is different as the policies too are different as per the lending institutions. You can find some of these loans starting from as low as 2.75% with a 10-25 year repayment period based on the amount of debt you wish to consolidate.

The Federal Student Consolidation program for example is a very good option as it needs no proof of income or a previous credit history, making it a viable option for students who are just getting started with life after college and have not made any career milestones. When you consolidate your student loans under the Federal Student Loan Consolidation program, you can notice a difference of up to $300 a month. This is no little amount for a graduate who is looking to start job hunting and settling down.

The Private Student Loan Consolidation programs don’t have any federal backing hence the rates of interest are a bit higher compared to their Federal Student Loan Consolidation counterpart. You can find that you pay an interest rate of about 4.5% to around 6.25% with the Private Student loan Consolidation program based on the State.  Further these loans will need you to have an untainted credit history, as well as proof of income enough to repay the loan, its accrued interest and any fees incurred in full. These loans can have a repayment period of up to 30 years largely depended on the amount of debt you wish to consolidate.

When shopping for a student loan consolidation plan, it is important to do your research well and look for a plan that will suit your needs perfectly. You should be sure that the plan you select will give enough room for the repayments as well as leave you with enough money to cater to your post-college needs. You shouldn’t just take the first deal that comes your way and which sounds fit for you. Ensure you get different quotes from at least 5 lenders before making that final decision.

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