Sellers, Rejoice – House Prices are Going Up

The Guardian recently reported that the house prices are on the rise — but that’s…

The Guardian recently reported that the house prices are on the rise — but that’s only half the picture. The house prices are rising because sellers are standing up and really looking at how much their homes are worth. Once multiple sellers start listing their homes higher, it becomes a trend in terms of where the homes begin to be worth a lot more than before. Are you a seller that’s looking at how to make more money on your property, or just to make sense of the trend in general? That’s what this guide is all about.

In our opinion, just trying to list your house at a higher price really isn’t enough. You need to seriously look at the condition of your house. This is where having a real estate agent available to pull comparable is very important. You don’t want to list so low that you’re just taking any offer that comes in. You want to list in a way that represents the true value that your home provides. You need to consider the location, any mineral rights or water rights that come with the property, as well as future development. Far too many people have listed their home for very little money, only to be disappointed later on when developers come in to change the area. You wouldn’t do too terrible if you were to look at the current news going on around you. That’s when you’ll really see what’s going on, and then you can make changes accordingly.

Make sure that you stress the importance of not just repairs, but staging. Buyers want to imagine living there, not imagining you living there. If they can’t do that, then they aren’t going to be interested in the property.

Don’t get discouraged just because the first open house didn’t go through as planned. Again, looking at the numbers can bring you a little bit more patience when it feels like everyone’s overlooked your home. Investing in your property creates an asset that you can enjoy for life. You might as well check it out when you have a chance, right? Who knows what will happen when you put your home up for sale? Make sure that you also find a great real estate agent, because you can’t go too far without that!