How much Sunshine can You buy for Your Money?

Have you ever wondered where you’ll get the most sunlight for your money? Home buyers are seeking to achieve maximum sunshine for minimum cost.

Even with summer on the way, Britain, unfortunately does not see a lot of sun or warm weather. So, it’s easy to understand why holiday home buyers are swapping their Blackpool property for a glamourous property in Spain or Turkey.

Buying a holiday home in the sunniest locations, makes perfect sense. The only issue home buyers feel concerned with is the price. But it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Holiday apartments can be surprisingly affordable, even in hot and beautiful places.

Property Guides have estimated that an average of a 50 square metre apartment in the Turkish Riviera over 20 years, property owners would have paid 85p per hour for sunshine (if sunshine cost anything). However, in Eastbourne holiday home owners are paying £3.86 per hour of sunshine.

With that in mind, where are the priciest sunbeams? And where are the best locations to get the most of sunshine for your sterling’s? The Property Guides infographic shows how the cost of sunshine compares and provides the holiday hotspots to get the most sunshine for your money.

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