Why considering cancelling your motorcycle insurance should be taken seriously!

Yes, that’s right, you should cancel your insurance for your motorbike. Why? Well, too many bikers insure their bikes for only six months of the year and end up paying a premium for it. In normal circumstances, insurers will give a discount if you pay the insurance outright at the start of the policy, normally you get two months free. What happens if you do that for only half a year, do you get a month free? No, you don’t. And it means that you better have an Alcatraz-type lock-up to keep it safe while it’s not insured.

What happens if you lock your bike away for the winter and it gets stolen? Is your home insurance going to pay out – not likely. Will you be upset and annoyed that your pride and joy is now in the hands of a criminal – definitely. Not only does motorcycle insurance protect your investment but by insuring it for the whole year, you can save money and it will only cost the equivalent of ten months’ insurance. But wait, that’s still four months more than if I only had half a year of insurance. True, but what happens if your bike gets damaged, needs repairs or the legal bills if you cause an accident? Court cases can take a long time to sort out and by having substantial insurance cover is important.

motorcycle insurance

Unfortunately, motorbikes are stolen, broken down for parts and lost within the black market in a matter of hours, you just have to skim through the Department for Transport on Roads too see the dangers of travelling on the roads. It is a terrible time but one that can be alleviated (slightly) with motorbike insurance. One way to keep the costs down is to use a 0% interest credit card to pay off the year of insurance. That way, you can still chip away at the bill monthly but if you claim the insurance company won’t expect to still be paid for the full-term. And, you would have already saved yourself two months of paying.

If you’ve got a Ducati, Aprillia, BMW, MV or another expensive motorbike, the cost of repairs can be devastating. It’s mostly due to the fact they have specialist parts and you can’t just get blueprint parts, it has to be ordered from the factory and most of those listed are in Italy. This can take time, money and the exchange rate to Euros isn’t exactly favourable. If you drop the bike and need new fairings or have a collision, it’s not just your pride that’s dented, it’s your wallet too. By having the best insurance you can afford these costs won’t rear their ugly heads. As always, bike repair costs always seem to come around when you least expect them and can afford them, like Christmas time or just as you’re about to book a summer holiday.

When you own a motorbike, you need to have the right clothing, a good helmet and even better insurance. Although bikes can be cheaper to have than a car, there are still some costs that are mandatory and by finding the best-priced insurance is a good start.

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Choosing Life Insurance

Choosing what life insurance to go with can be tricky. There are so many companies offering insurance these days. It used to be the case that there were just life insurance companies offering insurance, but now you can buy it from banks and building societies and you can even get ASDA Life Insurance. It is tempting to think that an insurance company will be better, but this may not always be the case any more. Many companies that do not specialise in insurance, have been offering it for a very long time. This means that they are now experts as well as the well known insurance companies.

Therefore, rather than choosing the company because of the name it is wise to think about what you are getting for the money they are charging. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest company but you need to check what you are being covered for. Make sure that the policy has everything in it that you want. It is important to read the terms and condition to make sure that you understand it all and know exactly what you are being covered for.

It is a good idea to look at a selection of companies to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Be wary of any that seem too cheap or too expensive as there will be a reason for this. The dear ones may be offering more than you need and the cheap ones less. However, policies may include things you do not want but leave out things that you do, which is why it is a good idea to hunt around.

It is also important to think about the type of cover you want and get familiar with the jargon involved. You will need to understand about the different types of life insurance and which one is the most relevant to you.

If you do not have the time to search around for policies then you may find that a comparison website will help. This will show you a selection of policies and their prices, which will help you see some of the options with less effort.

If you do not even have time for this or you do not understand about insurance and what type you need, then it is a good idea to find a financial advisor to do this for you. Try to find one who is independent and then they will not be tied to one particular insurance supplier. It can also be good to use one that is not on commission but you pay up front. The reason for this is that they are more likely to give you advise which gets you the best deal rather than suggesting something which earns them the most commission.

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What is over 50s life cover?

At Engage Mutual, we know that when you reach a certain age, you may start to worry about what will happen to your loved ones after you’ve gone. If this is the case, you may start looking at what options are available to you to make life financially a little easier for your partner or children.

One thing many people opt for is over 50s life cover, which is designed to take a certain monthly amount and provide a lump sum when you are no longer here – which could be of some help those you leave behind.

What will it cost me?

Well, that all depends on you and what you want to pay. Over 50s life insurance providers will have special tools on their website designed to provide you with a quote to tell you what you would need to pay each month to get a particular level of cover.

You’ll need to enter a few details and may be asked whether or not you smoke, before being asked to put in the level of cover, or the amount you want to pay each month. When you are happy with what you have input, click on the button and the tool will confirm what the total level of cover is, as well as how much the payments will be. You can find out all the relevant information about the policy and, if you’re happy, proceed with an application.

50s life cover

When will the policy pay out?

An over 50 life insurance plan will provide a fixed cash sum for your family upon your death. Please remember, the plan has no cash in value at any time and only pays out on your death.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Many providers will ask that you are a UK resident and fall into a certain age bracket, like between the age of 50 and 80. You should keep in mind that as any cash lump sum paid out on your death will be considered part of your estate (unless written in trust) and may be subject to inheritance tax. There is usually an initial period during which the full death benefit is not paid and each provider should have all the necessary product information on their website.

How do I apply?

All the relevant product information will be available online and many people are happy to apply this way. However, if you prefer to speak to someone in person, you could also give us provider a call and ask as many questions as you need to.

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Personal finance and life insurance

When it comes to personal finance, nothing makes as much sense as life insurance. After all, what better way to leave your loved ones than having them taken care of with a good life insurance policy from a provider that you can trust? Well, you may think to yourself “it will never happen to me”, but accidents happen, and just in case that day ever came, wouldn’t you want your loved ones to be protected from financial liability?

You might think that life insurance premiums are expensive, and with the tight budgets going all around this year, that is understandable. But have you ever checked with the quotes that you can get on jumplifeinsurance.co.uk? At this website, you can get quotes from all of the leading providers, including critical illness quotes, for just entering a few pieces of information! For just a couple minutes of your time, you can get enough quotes that will compete for your business that you will most definitely find premiums that are right for you!

Death is no joke, and that is why we need to have life insurance. After all, the last thing we want is to leave our loved ones with huge bills… and why not give them something to help out? Actually, don’t think of it as life insurance, think of it as insurance for them after you are gone, because they are the ones who will need it!

Jumplifeinsurance.co.uk  can get you quotes from all of the leading providers, and they make it easier to get life insurance than anyone else out there… so give them a try today! With all of the major providers competing for your business, there is no reason to think that you will not find the perfect plan for you!

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Why you Should Consider Student Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance is something all college students should consider, whether you live in a dorm, rent an apartment, or rent part of a house. Many students have the mistaken belief that their landlord’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the loss of their belongings if they are stolen or damaged. But your landlord only gets compensation for structural damage to the building or the apartment. If you experience a flood, fire, or burglary and are not covered by renter’s insurance, you won’t receive any compensation for your losses. You will have to start from scratch, replacing your iPod, laptop, books, television, clothing, and other possessions in your apartment.

Even if your personal property is covered under your student renter’s insurance policy, going through a disaster like a fire or burglary can be very stressful. Luckily, there are some basic preventive measures you can take to lower your chances of experiencing damages or theft. These things will generally lower your insurance premiums as well!

There are numerous ways to lower your chances of having your property stolen or damaged. The neighborhood in which you rent can make a difference in the premium, so consider several things before signing a lease.

Find an apartment or house with features like an alarm system, deadbolt door locks, motion sensitive outdoor lights, and a parking lot rather than on-street parking.

Stay away from the well-known student apartment complexes that are famous for their great parties. Places where there are lots of visitors frequently can make you more vulnerable to theft.

If you have the option, choose an apartment that is not on the ground floor to minimize your risk of burglary.

It may sound strange, but live with one to three roommates. If you have more, you could get an inordinate amount of foot traffic in and out every day. Having roommates is a good idea for safety reasons, but living in a crowd can raise your vulnerability to not only theft, but also property damages of various kinds.

Here are some ways to protect yourself and your belongings at home and on campus.

Always lock up your bicycle, even if it’s in your garage.

Ways to stay safe – Be aware of your belongings and surroundings, at home as well as on campus.

Never leave a candle or incense unattended.

Install and use a lock on your bedroom door.

If you have any small valuables like jewelry, or if you have a passport, invest in a small, fireproof safe to store them in, or leave them at your parents’ home.

With a little common sense, you can start off the semester with confidence that your studies will be the most important concern you have. It helps a lot to have the peace of mind to know that your possessions are protected by student renter’s insurance.

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Basics of Apartment Renters Insurance

When you rent an apartment, make sure to ask your landlord if you are covered under his owner’s insurance policy. They usually aren’t, but it’s worth asking. Most commonly, tenants have to get their own renter’s insurance policy when they move into an apartment. This is a very wise investment, because if there were a theft or a natural disaster, you could lose everything you have.

Before buying a renter’s insurance policy, make a comprehensive inventory of everything valuable that you own, including the following: clothing, fixtures, electronics, furniture, or other high value items like musical instruments. It is unlikely that your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance would cover anything that you own, so it is your responsibility to make sure you have your own insurance if something were to go wrong.

After you make an inventory of the things you need to insure, come up with an approximate total value of those items. Be as accurate as you can and document your list and date it. This will help minimized disputes over the value of the sum total of items you’re insuring. If you live where there is a higher risk of flooding or hurricanes, you should look into extra protection from these disasters. They are usually not included with a basic renter’s insurance policy.

Start your search for renter’s insurance coverage by searching the internet. You’ll find a huge range of insurance companies and you’ll be able to narrow the list down to a handful that cover the things you want insured. Get several – six or so – quotes before settling with one insurer. And make sure they are actual quotes and not just estimates. Insurance companies have been known to “hook” customers and then raise rates drastically once the customer has signed the contract. Compare several policies by price and coverage so you can find the best balance of both.

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Save Money on Homeowners Insurance Premiums

You may not know this, but there are things you can do that can help you save a lot of money on your homeowner’s insurance. Here are some tips on how to get discounts and otherwise save when insuring your home.

Home security is an important way to save money on your insurance. The more secure your home is – with deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, burglar alarm systems, etc. – the less your insurance should cost.

You should strongly consider buying all your insurance needs from one insurer to earn a discount. But first you have to make sure the discount is steep enough that it’s worth it.

The third thing you can do to help save on your homeowner’s insurance is to look into raising your deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you must spend out of pocket before your insurance policy’s coverage begins. If you do  not make a claim against your homeowner’s insurance for several years, you can reap a lot of savings on premiums this way.

It never hurts to be up front and ask if you qualify for any discounts from your insurance company. Often they’re willing to help you, particularly if you’re a longtime client.

Last of all, always compare quotes to be certain you’re getting the best rates on your homeowner’s insurance. There are quote comparison websites that can help you do this easily. Compare several companies’ quotes and coverage, not just two or three. The rates can vary quite a bit, and you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal that you can.

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