Working From Home

Many people really like the idea of working from home. Being able to cut out a commute can make a huge difference to some people. Others prefer to be able to work in peace and quiet or be able to be closer to their families. Many companies are not embracing this too, realising that some people are more productive when they are at home, rather than after a stressful commute and no wind down town with their families in the evenings because they are back so late.

Of course, one problem that has to be solved with home working is communication. It is important for employers to be able to keep in touch with their employees, pass on messages, keep track of what they are doing and give them a facility for sending their work back to the office. This is where Powwownow can come in. They are able to provide free conference call facilities to businesses and are the leading company in their field. So why not give it some thought and see how your business can change as a result.

Remote Working The Way Forward
Source: Powwownow Remote Working The Way Forward

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