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Boosting the economy in Britain has been placed massively in the hands of the local…

Boosting the economy in Britain has been placed massively in the hands of the local business man. This may seem a little short handed in that many start up and local businesses do not have the necessities that make creating a sound business viable.

A necessity of genuine businesses in the modern age is of course a good internet connection but if you look at the regions of Britain that are crying out for economic reform mainly that of the North thanks to the ever-present North/South divide, the apparent lack of fibre optic broadband is outrageous.

Thankfully though, with the help of European funding, small and medium sized businesses have now received £3.8 million to create an effective internet network across all of North Lincolnshire.

Neil Poole of the North Lincolnshire Council added, “A strong vibrant North Lincolnshire can only happen if we support the conditions to enable our businesses to grow and invest and that’s exactly what we are delivering on”.

The rolling out of high powered broadband will see small businesses in this area flourish. Small business money saving resource Make It Cheaper has also chimed in on the conversation.

With years of experience in the field on start-up finance and the local business owner at heart, Make It Cheaper welcomes the news that could help so many of their potential clients. They believe, like many, that the big corporations are the only ones to have really been reaping the benefit from Britain’s broadband capabilities and it is really the prerogative of the local councils to take the steps needed to ensure their local businesses are getting everything they need to give them a fighting chance in the world of industry.

Supplier comparison is the game best played by Make It Cheaper and if anyone knows the real low down on how much small businesses are being charged for their utilities, it’s them. They have produced the stat that dictates small businesses could be cutting their broadband bills from around 20% to 30%.

They also prescribe to the ethos that the more companies that are being supplied with superfast broadband the more competition there will be within the world of providers. With this will come a price arms race meaning the customer, i.e. the local business owner will be the one, perhaps for the first time, who will be benefitting.