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If you (like me) have been hearing about PPI all over the place, whether it’s…

If you (like me) have been hearing about PPI all over the place, whether it’s on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper, or even just hearing friends talking about it, it seems at the moment PPI is the one thing that you can’t seem to get away from. Well, it’s not something you want to get away from; it’s something that’s definitely worth finding out more about and seeing whether you actually could be owed all those thousands that these adverts are talking about after all!

PPI, abbreviated for payment protection insurance, is something that people were getting mis-sold on loans, credit cards, mortgages, and even store cards. The idea of it was you paid a certain amount each month on top of your standard monthly payments, to cover payments on these, when you for whatever reason, couldn’t do so yourself, such as loss of job, or an injury preventing you from working.

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However, when a lot of people found themselves in those situations and tried claiming on their policy, they were to find these claims rejected. For example, a lot of self-employed borrowers were encouraged to take out a PPI policy in case their business went under and they were unable to make a payment, however when it came to it and they did try to make a claim, the majority of vendors were rejecting these claims, as PPI ‘didn’t cover that sort of loss’. Which begs the question, if this was the case and a supposedly valid claim was rejected, then why were banks attaching payment protection insurance to these loans?

Self-employed people weren’t the only ones to be mis-sold payment protection insurance though, plenty of people were hit hard by this scam, people with sick-pay schemes at work, housewives and retired lenders were all landed with PPI on their loans when it wasn’t needed, meaning they were paying for insurance that they couldn’t even claim on.

So I bet you’re sitting here now wondering; how do I know whether I’ve been paying PPI? And more importantly, how do I go about getting it back?! Don’t worry about that for a second. Claim Resolution, part of the Claims Advisory Group at the minute claim back over £2 million per month in compensation on mis-sold payment protection insurance, whether that’s on loans, credit cards, mortgages or store cards. Claim Resolution work on any claim you make (providing it’s been within the last ten years) and also work on a no-win no-fee basis, meaning if your claim does come back unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny.

So contact Claim Resolution, part of the Claims Advisory Group, to get your claim up and running. Once everything is good to go, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your potential claim to clear into your bank, and all in a risk-free process.

Claim Resolution, part of the Claims Advisory Group, specialise in assisting you with your PPI claim, and also on giving you tips on whether or not you could be owed anything from your mis-sold payment protection insurance policy.