Low Income Support

During times of financial duress it can become quite problematic to maintain a normal living…

During times of financial duress it can become quite problematic to maintain a normal living standard. Children, bills, and other financial responsibilities can especially negatively impact a family if a job has been lost. There are multiple forms of low income support benefits and loans available from non-profits and the government in times of economic duress.  Whilst there are certain stipulations and rules that must be adhered to they are there to help.

Job Seekers Allowance

With the loss of a job or salary, the UK government has several safe guards in placed to allow a citizen to attain a maintainable level of life. The Job Seekers Allowance or JSA is especially designed for this. Anyone who has recently lost their job or receives a low salary and is looking for new employment can qualify. For up to 182 days, a citizen can qualify for weekly payments from the government. In order to qualify the individual must be a citizen of the United Kingdom who has paid at least 12% of a weekly salary for a period of 2 years time into their National Insurance. Other self employed citizens are allowed to participate as well, as long as payments have been contributed to the national insurance fund. Age level can vary the amount given in allowance payments. For instance citizens between age 16 and 24 qualify for £56.80 which is the lowest amount. Adults aged 25 and over qualify for a larger premium of £71.70. Couples are available to receive payments as well with or without children. Couples with children can expect a larger or smaller premium dependent upon the age of their offspring.

Payments are usually deposited every 2 weeks into a bank account. In order to maintain payments, an appointment must be maid at a job centre every 2 weeks to continually receive payment. Applicants are interviewed and sent to temporary positions, which may or may not become full time jobs.

Low income support

The second choice for income supplementation is the Low-income support benefit payments. These payments are designed for citizens of the UK who fall on hard financial times. These disbursements are the same amounts as a Job Seekers Allowance. Payments are designed to help applicants reach a maintainable level of basic living, and purchase food, or basic goods. The same rules apply as for job seekers, with the exception of needing to stop into a job centre. Current applicants must be working less than 16 hours per week and be between the ages of 16 and 64. Although full time students are not qualified for this assistance, other circumstances may qualify an applicant such as being orphaned or estranged. Any participants living in Northern Ireland must contact their benefits adviser, as there is a different process in that region of the country. Applicants with a savings account higher then £16,000 will not be approved for benefits.

Low income support options are temporary means of assistance to provide help in times of duress. It should be noted that these programs last on average up to 6 months and are only transitory. However contacting a benefits advisor will determine eligibility and prepare the applicant for a painless, if fleeting period.