Ten essential budgeting tips for students

Managing your money at university can have a big impact on your short-term finances as…

Managing your money at university can have a big impact on your short-term finances as a student.

While it may be tempting to splash the cash whenever a loan cheque lands in your bank account, recklessly frittering away money could lead to serious debt.

Never fear, though, because the people at UK Essay – a company offering essay writing, hints and tips, and more – have compiled a list of 10 essential budgeting tips for students, so read on…


• Don’t be lazy and live off takeaways night after night as they’re expensive. Instead, learn to cook as it’s a good way of making your budget last that little bit further.

• Never throw leftovers away as you may be able to reuse them in a dish that’ll save you money. For instance, if you’ve got a load of vegetables left after making a roast, why not turn them into a tasty soap with the help of a bit of vegetable stock.

• When you do go food shopping, take advantage of in-store offers like BOGOFs because buying items in bulk tends to work out cheaper.

Household bills

• Be frugal about how you use the central heating. There’s no point having it on all night if you’re in bed for most of it and switch it off when you don’t need it.

• Get a refund on your TV licence if you move back home during the summer.


• Always book items like rail tickets in advance to take advantage of impressive savings. The later you leave it, the more it’s likely to cost.

• Hunt for the cheapest deals on travel tickets, even if it means setting off really early in the morning or having to go via somewhere else on route.

• Get a student rail card if you plan to regularly use the train during your university years. It could save you as much as a third every time you use it.


• Many major shops offer student discounts – so find out who does before you go shopping as you may be able to make some decent savings.

• Search online for discount codes for everything from eating out to going to the cinema. Small savings here and there can make a big difference over the course of your time at uni.