True wealth

Have you ever asked yourself what actually is wealth? Will you be happy if you…

Have you ever asked yourself what actually is wealth? Will you be happy if you have thousands of dollars? May be a million? Maybe more than that?

People work their entire lives running after a dream of achieving something, earning more, building more wealth, accumulating as much money as they possibly can. Nevertheless, not one of them would ever say to you that they wish they had spent more of their time working. Some people have a single answer to this question about the meaning of true wealth and that would obviously be simple; money, the more the better.

On the other hand, other people would say to you that true wealth to them is being able to be at peace knowing that they are debt free. Still another might say that if he or she is able to lead the exact lifestyle that they choose to, not considering the cost of it all, then that is true wealth.

To others, true wealth might be being healthy, loved by family and friends. In fact, if you take a survey then you will find that there are several answers to this questions, as varied as the people you ask.

You can live in a villa overlooking the sea, have two BMWs parked in your garage and have millions in your bank account. Yet, you might not be able to enjoy life as someone who might be working in McDonalds and living in a one bedroom furnished apartment.

You can consider true wealth to be whatever perception the individual holds about it. If this were not the case, then there would not be any firefighters, soldiers or police officers. Everyone would be working on the Wall Street trying to earn big money. Then, we would certainly not have any doctors who would travel to war-struck or poor countries simply to make a difference. They could easily stay close to home and make a comfortable living with a successful practice.

Where would we find any volunteers for any job if nobody would be ready to work without money? Who would help the infirm, destitute or sick? Who would come running to help should a disaster strike?

We would not even have the money to run any charities if we would not have millions of people donating billions to them. Thus, if you thought that money was the only true wealth then you need to relax and change your perspective on this one because there is certainly a lot more to true wealth besides money.

Therefore, if you think that you are poor because you are in debt then think again. I would consider that being in debt only means that you have transferred your money to some creditors.
It really has little to do with your true wealth.