Why Flooding Could Cost UK Homeowners More Than They Think

If you don’t live in a low-lying county, you might not think much about flooding….

If you don’t live in a low-lying county, you might not think much about flooding. In fact, flooding may not even enter your mind. However, rainfall can be unpredictable, and it might mean that you have to think about flooding a lot more than meets the eye. For example, you could be in a flood risk area without even realizing it. It really doesn’t take that much rainfall to begin entering a basement and damaging your property. Plus, when the water recedes, it usually leaves a lot of mold and mildew behind in the process.

This is going to equal very costly repairs for you, which is not something that anyone wants to really deal with if they don’t have to. You just need to make sure that you’re always looking at the bigger picture no matter what. Why not check into it? All you need to do to figure out whether or not you’re in a high risk area is to put your postcode into the online flood map provided to you by the Environment Agency. You get to see if you’re in an area that’s immediately in risk of flooding or not. If you want to stay in the loop when it comes to flood warnings, you can roll your phone or email or even just text messages. It’s completely up to you.


If you do find that you need to protect your home, investing in flood barriers is a good thing. A silicone sealant can go a long way in keeping you protected from the elements, instead of feeling like you’re at the mercy of every flood that could come through your area. That is certainly not a good feeling to have, in any case.

Don’t forget that you can also get non-return valves as well as more barriers that can literally fit into the doorways themselves.

If you do have insurance documentation in the house, you want to make sure that you aren’t keeping it anywhere where it can be wet or get damaged. Even though the insurance company is undoubtedly going to have a backup copy, you always want to try to get the originals that you actually signed. That going to go a long way into proving your case. The truth is that as much as we hate to admit it, the insurance company can indeed make a mistake. This means that they could tell you that you don’t have something covered when you actually do. If you really want to be double safe, your super important items shouldn’t even be in the house. They should have copies of themselves in the safe deposit box at a bank. Some people think that this is overkill, but anything can happen when you’re a homeowner. What are you going to do in the event of fire or flood?

What are you going to do when you can’t just hope everything goes a certain way? There’s a time and a place for wishful thinking, and your home owner life shouldn’t be the time for wishes and positive thinking. You have to take concrete steps to protect yourself from flood damage, or you’re going to spend weeks cleaning up in the aftermath of the big storm that takes over everything.