Take Your Career to the Next Level with The Executive MBA degree from London Business School!

If you’re already in the world of management, then you already know how competitive it…

If you’re already in the world of management, then you already know how competitive it can really be. In order to keep moving higher and higher up the managerial ladder, you have to demonstrate at every turn that you have the skills, expertise, and knowledge base to handle each and every challenge given to you. The trouble with this is that you have to go back to school often in order to not only get the knowledge you need, but also the recognition. A degree is the best way to demonstrate that you really do have the intent to invest in your career for the long term.

If you’re going to invest in your education, shouldn’t you invest in the best program possible? The London Business School’s Executive MBA program is globally recognized for its depth of information as well as its broad network of contacts. The program is incredibly flexible — you can choose to study in London or in Dubai. It is a 20 month program that gives experienced professionals what they need to grow in terms of leadership as it relates to a corporate setting.

From here, the career benefits of the Executive MBA program only grow. You see, you will be studying right alongside accomplished managers from a wide variety of industries. You can adopt many of their best practices for your own operation. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, your knowledge will deepen and you’ll get skills that are time tested in full production environments.

You don’t have to take off time from work — full time employment is definitely possible, as you can do the program on weekends for the London track and on block weeks for the Dubai track.

An extensive elective portfolio gives you the power to refine the degree to your own needs — if there’s a focus that you want to emphasize; you need only to add those courses to your program.

Yet don’t just take our word for it here. There are many happy alumni from the program that are more than happy to share their experiences.

Take Mark Collins, EMBA 2004, who is now the Vice President of Marketing at Strauss Coffee BV. “The EMBA equips you with an international business vocabulary to articulate your positions in business. Doing the EMBA has given me the freedom of choice in my career and the ability to choose what I want to do and the businesses and places in which I wish to work and live. You can’t get this experience, diversity or perspective from Schools that don’t have the influence of a global city like London. Only London Business School’s EMBA is positioned to give you a global perspective, and a network of friends and peers that will help you and guide you throughout your career.”

Need a little more information? Sometimes it takes seeing it visually in order to make this life-changing decision with confidence. Check out this video on how the Executive MBA will impact your career.

The personal satisfaction that comes from finishing such a world-renowned program just can’t be beat. Of course, the financial benefits are great too. According to the Financial Times, London Business School Executive MBA alumni do indeed increase their salary by up to 79% on average a mere three years after graduating. Talk about a big return on your investment, right?

If you’ve been feeling like your network needs a boost, or you’ve gotten word that you really have a good chance at a key promotion in a few years, then it’s definitely time to check out the London Business School and the Executive MBA program — it really does have a strong effect on your career!

The London Business School also has a great brochure about the EMBA program, which you can download here.

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