The performing stocks historically

A stock is the capital raised by a company or corporation through the issue and…

A stock is the capital raised by a company or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares, so people can buy small ownership of companies, sometimes the most miniscule percentages, and then sell them later when the stock goes up. This is where the expression ‘stock going up’ comes from. It means that a reputation is holding and that the value of whatever’s stock is going up is also going up.

The stocks are constantly impacting everything in the world, it is at the epicentre of human economy and finance market. In 1929, a fail of the stock market and the fall in value of almost all the companies led to a global crisis as the economy of the US and then the rest of the world slowly grind to a halt. Only big banks intervention and targeted action by President Roosevelt through the New Deal allowed the US to recover, as well as the launch in production caused by the Second World War.

In the 1970s, several oil crises impacted the stock markets, and it was a very uncertain time. Similarly, in 2008, a financial crisis was brought along by the stock market crash, while a massive change in oil prices the year before also had an impact.

Some companies however have always had valuable stock and always performed well. Casino companies like Betfree casino and other ventures are some such companies that have always seen high revenue and thus largely valuable stock prices. Coca-Cola is another perfect example of a company whose stocks have always performed well. Warren Buffet, its owner, said that if he was given 100 billion dollars to take away Coca-Cola from the front of the market for fizzy drinks, he believed that it could not be done. 

Altria, the parent company of Marlboro, has also always performed well historically. Marlboro is by far the most successful cigarette company in the world, selling more than four times as many cigarettes as Lucky Strike worldwide. Since the 60s, Altira has reported a yearly growth in stock of over 20%, which means that a dollar invested back then would be worth several thousands today.

Both stocks represent a brand that is the best at what it does in a sector, and both sectors can be seen as ‘vices’ by some in society and yet are still the most valuable markets in the world. This is the case with gambling. A lot of money has been invested in geographical locations such as Macau and Las Vegas. In these places, there are loads of casinos owned by different companies. Big companies that deal with statistical sporting data have performed well recently with an increase in gambling, and some experts are recommending investing in gambling stocks today. This is because they are expecting an influx when the global pandemic ends, and the stocks will be cheaper than they usually are as there is reduced activity in all corners of the economy, so there has been a recent downturn in the stocks of gambling companies. Investing now could pay dividends if these people turn out to be right, but as always with stocks, it is very difficult to predict anything that might or might not happen.