What Do Your Credit Card Insurances Cover?

Financial companies issuing credit cards present a number of insurance programs to protect their credit…

Financial companies issuing credit cards present a number of insurance programs to protect their credit card holders. Before subscribing to any of this insurance plans, you should endeavor to read the insurance conditions of your credit card because sometimes the coverage may exceed your standard idea of what a credit card insurance should be.

Some of the largest credit card companies offer insurance coverage for the following:

Purchase protection

This insurance will entirely or partially cover for the replacement or repair cost of a purchased item bought through the credit card and afterwards destroyed, stolen or lost. This is a very relevant coverage especially for purchased items that are easily broken. As a matter of fact, it could also be a good coverage to include in your home insurance policy.

Fraud protection

This policy will cover the damage done if your card was used illegally. Nowadays, properties and belongings are not the only things that can be stolen from you, but even your identity, especially with the advent of online purchases through the internet. What is great is that this coverage will not only protect you from the conventional fraudulent ways but for telephone or internet fraud as well.

Protection against stolen card

To be able to benefit from this coverage, you have to be able to report your lost credit card before the thief has had the opportunity to use it. It will insure you that should any transactions transpire even after your report, you will be paid for all purchases that have been done after your final legal purchase.

Price protection

This insurance will pay you the difference between the product cost and the less expensive cost of the same item you bought if you find it priced cheaper in another establishment. Not all credit card issuers offer this policy, though.

Travel insurance

Using your credit card to purchase your holiday package, you should check out if you are covered by the following insurance policies:  the cancellation policy will reimburse the cost of your trip in the event that you have to defer your trip after you have purchased the holiday package and before the date of departure.

Another useful insurance coverage is the holiday accident insurance which will cover the cost of your hospitalization in case you meet an accident while traveling and even, emergency accident evacuation or mortal remains repatriation in the event that the card holder dies during his travel while on vacation. These two coverages will take the worry out of your travel because they could cost you a lot if you have to buy it separately.

As in all insurance coverage plans, these credit card offers are limited to a certain period of time and financial package. You have to know what the limitations of your coverage are so you will not be caught unawares by events. On top of this, you should also make certain that your insurance will cover your usage and purchases abroad because sometimes, they do not.