What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is exactly what it sounds like – it is insurance that protects your…

Wedding insurance is exactly what it sounds like – it is insurance that protects your wedding against unforeseen negative circumstances and mishaps. There are a lot of reasons as to why wedding insurance might be a good idea, but there are also a lot of couples that forgo wedding insurance and come out just fine. The pros and cons of buying wedding insurance are pretty typical, but here is a small list for you.


Wedding insurance can protect your wedding from catastrophe. For example, if you have wedding insurance, but rain causes your wedding to be delayed a week or two, then insurance will usually pay for rescheduling. It will also pay for things like missing florists, missing officiates, lost or ruined gowns or tuxes, and even personal liability. With the average cost of a wedding up at around £17,000, a lot of people see the need for insurance to protect their already large investment. After all, wouldn’t you want full coverage on a £17,000 new car?


Wedding insurance is an added expense that you will hopefully not even use. It is true that wedding insurance will only cost you between £150 and £350 in most cases, and in the grand scheme of things, what is another £350 when you are already paying over £12,000 for something? Still, it is extra, and for couples trying to cut corners, it is an attractive way to cut out extra money. Also, the more insurance you buy, the more it will cover. Some insurance policies do not cover the biggest things, so make sure to read the fine print before forking over the money!

All in all, wedding insurance is a good idea if you have the money to spend. Of course, for very small weddings that cost under £1,000 (yes, they are rare, but they still happen) there is not much to insure, but at least wedding insurance can keep you from losing invested money due to unforeseen events.